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Extractable-Free Media

Extractable-free media filter cartridge

Pure polypropylene Aqua Clear filter cartridges are free from any extractables and contain no lubricants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, ant-oxidants or anti-static agents, etc. They are suitable for use in applications like RO Pretreatment (SDI Reduction), Drinking Water and Beverage Processing, Sea Water Desalination, Gas Purification, Electronics and Electroplating, Photographic Solutions, etc.

The standard pure polypropylene cartridge is extractable-free and engineered for superior filtration performance. Available in up to 50 inch (1270 mm) length and 4.5 inch (115 mm) diameter.

More Information

Test results have shown that Aqua Clear filtration technology provides up to twice the dirt holding capacity and filter life at equivalent competitive efficiencies, while reducing pressure drop up to half. All this translates into improved filtration performance and reduced costs.

PDF icon Aqua Clear String-Wound Filter Cartridges Brochure

WQA Aquatech USA 2005

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Syntech Fibres will be in Wiesbaden, Germany at FILTECH 2005 Conference & Exhibition from October 11-13, 2005. FILTECH is the international trade event featuring the latest developments and innovations worldwide in the complex field of filtration and separation technology.