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Hart's E&P August 2003

Harts E&P offers a global commercial perspective for the oil and gas production and exploration industry. The article “Innovation aids oilpatch operations” was originally featured in their August 2003 issue.

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Innovation aids oilpatch operations

Hart’s E&P (August 2003)

Alloys and new applications of existing hard goods make better work possible.

Polypropylene filters

Even applications as basic as filter cartridges from water injection and gas purification are getting better, according to Hamid Omar, technical director of Syntech Fibres (Pvt) Ltd. of Karachi, Pakistan.

New continuous, non-round polypropylene fibers in spun yarn cartridges help keep the yarn in place. The continuous filaments are melt-spun using a new method that doesn’t require spin-finish chemicals, and air pressure helps create randomly oriented, intermixed, looped and entwined filters of bulky yam. The combination keeps particles from being unloaded, even under fluctuating flows and pressures.

By Don Lyle

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